Connection Reflection

I began by thinking just how few communities I felt I was part of. The most important for me is, of course, my classroom. I love to try new ideas that I feel will support students and creating a dynamic community where ideas feel free to be shared.

Last year we participated in the Global Read Aloud for the first time, this gave students the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with others around the world. This experience also helped me meet other educators through Twitter and has given me further opportunity to communicate and share ideas online.

I have found the TES website invaluable since I began teaching. Resources are easy to find, however, there is also a very active community in the forum sharing ideas. I have found that being able to ask for advice from other teachers from around the world has been helpful in adding to my own practice.

Finally, I am lucky to remain in contact with a number of educators I have previously worked with. The mediums such as Facebook I am able to keep in touch with them and continue to share and see ideas that we have used in the classroom. I am not, perhaps, as active in these communities as many of my friends so this is an area that I feel I could work on.

Hello World!

I’m Simon Dobson and I am originally from the UK. I am currently teaching Fourth Grade in China at Hangzhou International School. I have just started to use twitter and you can find me @Dobson_Simon_A.

I left the UK about 12 years ago to start teaching overseas, I started out teaching ESOL at GEOS language school Imabari, Japan. This was my first step into working in education and I have been teaching in one way or another since then.

A friend of mine recommended COETAIL to me a little over a year ago and I just missed out on the deadline to join cohort 11. Since then I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to sign up for COETAIL and I am really excited to start!