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I’m the mother flippin’

It had been a while since I last posted anything on Flipgrid and boy did this week’s activity take me back to distance learning. During the Global Read Aloud last year, my class connected with a school in the United States and students had the opportunity to share reflections and opinions of The Front Desk by Kelly Yang. This provided a great opportunity for students to share insights into what lives were like in their respective countries and helped provide a deeper understanding of how the protagonist, a Chinese immigrant, felt.

While I love the app and the possibilities it allows for collaboration, unfortunately, it has become more unreliable in China. There are times when both myself and the other students could not access our grids or those shared by others, which was frustrating. I would be really excited to hear from anyone who knew of alternatives to Flipgrid just in case we have to return to distance learning in the future.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Flippin’ the script

This was my first time working through a text rendering protocol and I thought it was brilliant. I am already thinking of how to use this strategy with my students to help with reading comprehension and allow for deeper discussions about a text. Flipgrid was a perfect tool for this as it helped bring other educator’s ideas to life and it really helped me think deeper about what I had read about The Cycle of Socialization.

This week’s reading really hit me hard. Last week I was watching a documentary that included sketches from Not the 9 O’ Clock News, a British comedy show that ran from 1979 – 1982. Some of the shots from 1980’s Britain looked remarkable similar to scenes we are seeing played out on current BBC news reports. More than ever I think teaching students how to ask questions and reflect is important if we want to avoid being stuck in the same cycle.

Our Lower School student council was recently presented with some social issues from our school. They immediately began to discuss what could be done to make changes happen and independently emailed our admin team to arrange a meeting regarding school-wide expectations. Change is possible and we need to encourage students to question systems as well as find solutions.

Here is a QR code to my response posted on FlipGrid.


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  1. Hi Simon!
    Very cool that your students were able to connect with students from across the world via Flipgrid. You asked if there was an alternative to Flipgrid since it does not always work in China. I did a quick Google Search for “alternatives to Flipgrid” and the first link that came up on the results was this blog about 15 Collaborative Tools for Your Classroom That Are NOT Google:

    Among the list of 15 digital tools on this blog post, I think that Padlet, Seesaw and WeVideo might be good alternatives to Flipgrid. My school uses Seesaw, but I had not heard of WeVideo. The author of this blog post gives a brief explanation about each digital tool, along with a brief introduction video about it. If you want to explore more any of the digital tools listed, there are links to the actual websites. I hope this helps you and that you find one that works consistently in China!

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