Course 3 Final Project

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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind but here we are. I really enjoyed this collaboration with Shalene and Julija and I learned a lot from both of them. We chose Option 1 this time around as, previously, we had all worked on other options. My personal goal was to create an authentic learning experience that would help students make progress towards their literacy goals.


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I did far better this time around with finding other members of my cohort to work with. We set up four meetings over four weeks to discuss ideas and develop our plan over Zoom. The most difficult part with connecting this time around was the time difference. I am currently five hours ahead of my teammates. With that said, I thought we worked well at remaining flexible with each other and rearranging meeting times when needed.


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I have not yet started this plan with students but I will this week. I am really looking forward to seeing their creations in a few weeks. I think that both Thinglink and Book Creator are excellent tools for our lesson and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn about them. In students, I hope to see gains in confidence with literacy. The video blog entries on Flipgrid will be useful for monitoring the student’s own feelings towards their progress and, I hope, a meaningful record for them to look back on.

Relating to Course 3


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While my main goal for students working through this unit would be to see growth in their literacy skills I think that it also provides an opportunity for them to take on the role of designers. The rubric requires the students to select images that are related to their stories. Last year I used Storybird as part of our poetry unit. While many students enjoyed the experience my school did not have a subscription so we were limited by the choice of images available to us. This led to some students choosing images that had little to do with their final written pieces. I believe that Book Creator would allow students more agency when choosing images that helped bring their stories to life and so make the experience even more meaningful.